Hi, I’m Austin.


I’m a professional writer and marketer, world traveler, self-improvement junkie, and sometimes… a sarcastic dick.  

On this blog, I write about the lessons I’m learning on my personal journey to early retirement and “millionaire” status and how average millennials can suck less, do more, and live their best lives. 

By age 21, I was earning 6-figures from my laptop, had traveled to 11 different countries (and counting), had my work featured on Forbes, the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and Neil Patel’s blog, and somehow managed to find an amazing girlfriend and adopt a furry child along the way. 

But I’m not a “guru” or some sort of self-proclaimed expert. I’m just a mouthy 20-something who wants to help his generation be better. Some people like what I have to say. Some people think I’m full of sh!t. Check out some of my work and decide for yourself.